Handmade Wooden Guitar Stands & Racks

Stand Made specialises in Handmade Wooden Guitar Stands and racks. Designed to complement homes, music rooms and studios, Stand Made offers a wide range of stylish yet practical solutions, from Single Storage Guitar Stands to Multi-Guitar Stands, all available in a variety of styles and finishes.

Guitar Case Storage

Conveniently store your hard and soft guitar cases, upright and secure all in one place with our Guitar Case Storage Racks.

Guitar Racks for Multiple Guitars

Are you looking for a storage solution for a combination of both Electric and Acoustic guitars? We have the perfect solution!

Our single tier, Multi-Guitar Racks can display up to six Acoustic, ten Electric or any combination of instruments (including Bass Guitars) in just over one meter of floor space. Our two-tier Double-Decker, Multi-Guitar Racks, can double your capacity and store up to twelve Acoustic and twenty Electric guitars or any combination of instruments in just over one meter.

If you have something specific in mind, we have over five years experience so please contact us to discuss your bespoke stand requirements.

“An elegant & functional piece of furniture.. I’m more than impressed with the service & product!”

Neville Marten - Guitar Techniques, Guitarist Magazine

“Beautifully made and an ideal present for a guitarist. Thank you!”


“..The craftsmanship and finish of these stands is exceptional. They are furniture quality and look amazing in the studio…. all my instruments are within arms reach, beautifully presented and safe and secure… I could not be happier..”

Andy Watson, Guitarist, The Lift Shaft Incident

“……I’m knocked out by the craftsmanship and quality………..”

Chris Difford, SQUEEZE

“He’s thrilled….Thank you”

Martin Carthy MBE, Eliza Carthy MBE