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Double Decker Multi Guitar Stands

Showcase your full collection of Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitars all together in one of our beautifully crafted oak Double Decker Guitar Stands. Our uniquely designed Multi-Guitar Stands offer you the perfect opportunity to store and display up to 12 large Acoustic, 20 Electric and Bass Guitars or any combination of all three instruments in one place. Prices start from just £650.

Designed by Guitar Players for Guitar Players

Like most enthusiasts, we had numerous guitars of varied sizes, shapes and weights laying around the house and it became apparent to us this was the case for many guitar enthusiasts, this is why we decided to create a stand that was purposefully designed to hold multiple guitars together without being bulky or unattractive.

Double Decker Multi Guitar Stands 

As with all of our guitar stands we use only premium quality solid oak wood and real oak veneers, sourced from local suppliers here in Shropshire.

Your guitars are securely cradled at the bottom by two rails while being supported at the neck. Each stand is fitted with premium quality high-density foam channels so that each of your guitars has a layer of protection at all points of contact with the wood – other materials are also available including felt coated leather channels.

Our carpenters are highly skilled in traditional woodworking methods and tools. Expertise combined with a personal passion for guitars means that we not only understand your needs but we can create the perfect solution!

All of our products are made here in the UK and can be shipped anywhere around the world.

See a stand that you like? Contact us to discuss your stand requirements.