Tilted Guitar Amp Stands

Raise and gently tilt your guitar combo amp safely off the floor in one of our beautifully crafted oak Tilted Guitar Amp Stands. Our uniquely designed stands provide serious players the opportunity to optimise their amplifier’s sound projection while creating the perfect space to store and position their pedals & fxboards. Each stand is discussed in advance and then custom made to suit the customer’s individual requirements, prices start from £255.

Our range of Tilted Guitar Amp Stands is available in Natural Light, Dark, Weathered and Antique Brown Oak.

Designed by Guitar Players for Guitar Players

We regularly come into contact with players struggling with a lack of room to relax and enjoy using their full (and still growing) collection of guitars and guitar gear. Our Tilted Amp stands are not only practical, functioning pieces of guitar furniture but they help free up valuable “under-amp” floor space for pedals and effects boards and look great in any music room and home studio

Each Amplifier Stand is delivered complete and made to your individual requirements. An optional sliding shelf can also be fitted underneath your amp to make accessing and storing your pedals/pedalboard in between practice sessions even easier.

Made to Last

As with all of our products, we use only premium quality solid oak wood and real oak veneers, sourced from local suppliers here in Shropshire. Our stands are constructed using traditional mortise and tenon joints to ensure they are more than strong enough to support most combo amp makes & models. Our small family team are highly skilled in traditional woodworking methods and tools. Expertise, combined with a genuine passion for helping guitarists enjoy using all of their gear, means that we understand the needs of both players and home owners.

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