Bespoke Amp Stands

As musicians ourselves we understand first hand how difficult it can be to find the right solution to store your amps, pedal and fxboards, and that is why all our Amp Stands are made to your individual requirements. An optional sliding shelf can also be fitted underneath your amp to make accessing and storing your pedals/pedalboard in between practice sessions even easier.

Bespoke Amp Stands

As a small and family run workshop we can offer our customers bespoke amplifier stands and storage accessories designed to suit their unique collections of combo amps, pedal and fxboards.

Whether you have an exact size in mind or a need to create a stand that’s completely unique to your collection, our  stands can all be tailored and customised to suit your requirements – creating the perfect storage solution for your home or studio!

Handcrafted Stands

Created with careful attention and appreciation for the instruments they will compliment, our stands are meticulously handmade to order by Master Craftsman, using traditional woodworking tools, methods and premium solid oak and high quality real oak veneers.

We choose to work with oak wood because of its robust nature. Unlike plastic or metal stands, oak hardwood is also beautifully attractive due to the grain markings. Our real oak wood stands are all lovingly made individually by hand by guitar players for guitar players!

Coated with a tough Polyurethane varnish each of our guitar stands has a finish that both protects and beautifully enhances the wood’s natural grain.

Simply contact us to tell us using our general enquiry form to tell us more about your requirements so that we can provide a quote for you.

Alternatively, if you already know that you want either a bespoke Upright or Tilted Amp Stand, take a look at the options available and use the enquiry form on one of the product pages to tell us your exact requirements.