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Guitar Stands

Guitar Stands – Real Oak

Present your guitar in one of our beautiful Oak Guitar Stands. Our range of single storage floor stands are lovingly made for displaying Acoustic, Electric, Bass Guitars and Ukuleles.

Each wooden stand has a smart brass plated hinge so when it is not in use it can be easily folded and stored away. An attractive inner brass stay ensures your stand is very secure when assembled and comfortably embraces the weight of your guitar.

The inner edges are channeled and neatly lined with a premium quality high-density foam to ensure that your guitar is softly cushioned and cradled while resting in your stand. We also offer a range of alternative materials, including felt coated foam and leather channels.

Coated with tough Polyurethane varnish, each of our stands has a finish that both protects and beautifully enhances the wood’s natural oak grain.Read More